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About EAG


We believe that good food and good deeds go hand in hand. Our delicious, vegan snacks are hand made to empower the Women of Detroit, by providing them with meaningful employment that will help them grow into strong, contributing members of society.

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Our snack bars are vegan which means they don’t contain any animal or animal by-products. They also don’t contain refined or processed ingredients or preservatives of any kind.

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Eats All Good vegan snacks contains plenty of whole foods like fruits, seeds and whole grains that are packed with nutrients and pure, delicious goodness

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our founders

Rachelle & Pam

Meet Rachelle and Pam. These two passionate and hard-working women founded Eats All Good in 2015 and are creating all sorts of vegan goodness in Detroit. 


Rachelle is a holistic health coach practitioner from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has a degree in Kinesiology from MSU. She has been working in the field of health and fitness for a decade and is committed to a vegan lifestyle. Rachelle has helped transitioned many of her clients to a more whole-food plant-based approach. 


Pam has her MBA in Finance from Duke University and grew her General Motors dealership in metro Detroit into one of the country’s flagship stores over her 30-year career. Pam has been tirelessly giving back to the city she loves and calls home. 


Combining their many talents, Rachelle and Pam are providing job opportunities for the women of Alternatives for Girls. It’s a beautiful site to see these resilient souls gathered in meaningful work and community while creating whole-food, vegan snacks for all of us to enjoy. We invite you to try out a snack for yourself. One bite and we think you’ll agree, Eats All Good!

Rachelle Nash  

Pam Rodgers



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proud to be partnered with 

alternatives for girls

At Eats All Good, we believe good things happen when we eat well. By nourishing our bodies, we nourish our souls and have more to offer others. As a social enterprise, our hope is to positively impact the lives of the women we employ who come to us from Alternative for Girls (AFG) in southwest Detroit.


AFG began as a volunteer-run program in 1985 to combat drug use, homelessness, prostitution, and other social ills. Today, it is a multi-service agency housed in a two-story brick building. One of AFG’s programs provides housing, counseling and life skills training to homeless young women and their children. These are the women we are proud to employ. Their fortitude and strength inspire us daily, and we can’t help but believe it makes our whole-food vegan snacks that much more delicious and satisfying.

Learn More About the History of AFG Below:

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2910 E Jefferson Ave
Detroit, Michigan 48207

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